About me? Testimonials? Raves? Feedback? … or simply “From the Heart”?

Few years ago I named this page as most of people do – About me. Later on I realised that I can write here whatever I like and even mislead the reader as many cheap photographers do. Finally I decided to delete the content and to put some real people (people like you and me that can be found in the real life and social media) speaking about their experience with me instead. I love my job and I like to excite my clients, and they are happy to speak about it that’s why I often ask them to film short uncut and unstaged movies – just From the Heart! For the rest of you who like to read reviews, please ask uncle Google.
Nice to meet you,



Skev C.
Rose G.
……I’v just watched the video!!!!! What can i say but you’ve put a huge smile on my face. You’ve made me re live through your photos a truely magical day…. my little girl Andrea’s and Jacob’s wedding day. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL PHOTOS. They will be cherished forever and my album has centre space on the coffee table for all to see!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ……..THE ANDRONICOUS xxxx
Helen A. - - mother of the bride

From the Hearth – Tabby & A.I. – Pakistani Asian Wedding in Central London – Hampton Court House

Tabby & Asif

From the Hearth – Victoria & Christopher – English Wedding in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Central London

Victoria & Chris
OMG it arrived late last night……. what can I say…… speechless!
It is amazing, we can’t stop looking at it.
Thank you so much and thank you for our calendar… what an amazing surprise!!!!
It is truly breathtaking!!! I just want our wedding day again!!!!!
Lots of love Peter!! & thank you again for capturing every single moment of our wedding!!! You are the most talented photographer I have ever met.
Victoria & Christopher - The Wedding Album
Hi Peter

This is absolutely AMAZING, I cried my eyes out when I saw it (the online preview)… it is beautiful!!! I wish I could have the day again.
us x


From the Heart – Gulsen & Ugur – Luxury Turkish Wedding in North London – Regency

… you are the man! Seriously hands down you are! and i’ve been telling EVERYONE this and trying to spread the word for future bookings.

Peter … your art is truly magnificent. I have not met anyone who is as passionate about what they do and you just do it so well. I am sitting here welling with tears because your work has once again moved me SO MUCH …

Gulsen x

Gulsen & Ugur

From the Hearth – Irina & Richard – Russian/English Wedding in St. Ermins Central London

Irina & Richard

This is one of the moments when I know that I’m on the right track and words that money can’t buy … sometimes I read what my clients send to me after the wedding and I get tears of joy in my eyes … sent by Eileen and Harry:

“Hi Peter, oh my god!! The photos are sooo beautiful! An amazing day … That I’m scared I missed most of!!! The pictures capture so much! Very emotional to look at actually as far as my father is concerned!! To have pictures like that, of all the children and me and mum with him when he is so ill is absolutely priceless – and you have captured his whole personality. Thank you for that. I have passed on the link to everyone and they all agree that there are many amazing photos! We will be in contact as soon as we get back….. xxxxx”

Today I received an email that melted me down … This is the best New Year’s gift to me:



All these words are appropriate But I can’t create one sentence from all our feelings. We are truly overwhelmed, overjoyed and mesmerised by these wonderful images.

Tabby & A M Idris

This one I found a year after the wedding as a comment from the bride of their youtube slideshow:

Peter Lane is the most talented and professional photographer and very good friend!
I have a great wedding day and i felt myself like a star, because Peter knows how to make right, relax, friendship and luxury atmosphere!
I’m happy to have fantastic photos, album and video for years!
I’m sure that everybody should invite high professional photographer for wedding day, it’s very important and very difficult to find such a photographer. Peter Lane is the best and i have recommended him!
Victoria G.
Hello Peter,

I hope you are well!
I just wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday night, I have looked at the pictures and they are fantastic.
The pictures truely present all aspects of the night and everyone have commented on how good the pictures are.
There are quite a few so trying to pick which ones I want.

I am sending thank you cards out next week and I am including all details for the website so hopefully I will get lots of people buying the pictures.

Thank you again for all the time you spent taking pictures.
Now planning to create an album so lots of memories of the night.

I also work at the “………………….” so I will reccommend you to the events department so if they have weddings they can give clients your details.

Thank you!


Sophia & Giuseppe (Italian Engagement Party)
First anniversary …. What can we do ..? Why not make memories with some photos. And the initiator for this job of course is Peter from Peter Lane Photography… I was wondering what idea he will come up with because he is always original in every way. And he comes up with this “Why don’t we go in central London , with you dressed with the wedding dresses”… Obviously it’s a bit of a shock at first ,
because walking in central London with wedding dress and suite is a bit (for me at least) shy.

So I spoke with my wife she liked the idea and we went for it. We waited for few days and its Friday… Time to go… Me and my beautiful wife took our wedding dress and suite put them in the car and we went to the place where we spoke about with Peter. We arrived there safe , Peter was waiting for us just near The Big Ben . Here comes the funny part. I asked the Pub just to the right on Westminster underground station “Is it ok if I use your toilets to get dressed for a photo session” the lady there looked at me “weird” but she was very nice and she told me no problem. We got dressed and you can imagine what was the reaction of the people in the pub when we ware coming out of the stairs leading to the pub from the toilets which ware down stairs. Everybody was cheering, clapping , telling us congratulations and only nice things.

This is one of the genius things about Peter by having this in mind that all this reaction from the people will happen , he naturally made us having the same feeling like it was our wedding day. So we went out of the pub and we started waking to the place where he was going to start the session. On the way there the atmosphere continued to be romantic from all the people passing by, with very nice and worm words. We stopped at the spot for photos and it was the middle of the bridge that is leading to the Big Ben. We started to make some photos and we did not thing we will act natural because it was not really our wedding day. But Peter putted us in a situation that was the same us in our wedding day. So all the romantic moments came back to live.

The romance continuing and the time was flying . We ware going from one place to another to make photos, and his ideas never stopped. All the people passing by ware feeling the same romantic atmosphere that we ware, because Peter was making it so real. From a photographer you will expect to have all those preparation , telling you how to act or even shout at you. But he made it so natural , that when I look at the clock , it was 9pm time to go…

This night , we had the most wonderful time , memories came back to live, we made new memories, we ware laughing , we ware fooled with so much worm feelings that we did not feel the 4 degrees temperature. Even the Westminster building and the London Eye ware smiling at us… And all this thanks to Pete.

So I will give you an idea. If you want memories to come back… and to make new memories captured in a frame… you know who to call… The One and Only Pete from Peter Lane Photography.

Thank you Pete for making this day a memory in our live, and for making it so special and unique! We will for sure keep it in our hearts for ever. Thanks you!

Emsy & Reny (After Glow anniversary photo shoot in downtown London)
“This September we’ll celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We’re full of love and tender feelings to each other, gently carrying the magic light of the wedding day with us. Our recollections are fresh and lively – not only because we’ve got good memory and that the day was magically beautiful. Here I’d like to express my gratitude to one person who did everything and made it very professionally to capture the moments, feelings and emotions of that day and to make it unforgettable not only for us, but for our friends, family and future generations. It’s our wedding photographer, Peter.

What’s so special about the wedding photographer, you’d probably ask. I’ll tell you about our experience. You know, I’ve heard a lot of stories when the couple was absolutely tired and irritated at their wedding day because of endless instructions from photographers how to smile, stand or behave, even how to kiss (!) and look at each other. As a result you’ve got the pictures with awkward poses, artificial smiles and spoilt mood. I definitely didn’t want it for myself. What is more – my husband is not a man who likes to be a model, actually he hates being shot. But we definitely wanted to have nice and natural wedding pictures and very carefully selected the wedding photographer.

So we met with Pete a year before the wedding to get to know each other and to tell him about our vision of his probable work. He was very attentive to our expectations, asked a lot of questions to understand us better. He caught it up very quickly and when he said that we should be as natural as possible and enjoy ourselves, the ice broke and I said to myself: “Relax, you’ve did all you could, now it’s a matter of luck and Peter’s professionalism”. And we were pretty lucky – the day was beautiful, we were up in the skies with happiness and the photographer with the assistant were cute, professional and unobtrusive.

At the beginning of the day Peter gave us some hints, how to make the picture beautiful – a few professional things from the photo modeling background and that’s it. All we had to do later – is to enjoy the magic of the day. Even my husband enjoyed to be a Peter’s model!

Today, turning the pages of the album (by the way, Peter created a wonderful design for our wedding photobook!) we easily recollect the emotions of the magical day, share it with our friends and family. It’s our wedding day in a book, our emotions beautifully captured, our feelings caught to be cherished with pleasure.

Thank you million times, Peter, for making beautiful moments of our life unforgettable, for being a talented photographer and a great personality!

Katya & Andrey (Russian Wedding in Moscow)

“When my husband and I started organising our wedding, the first thing we agreed on was to hire a professional photographer.  Thus, months before the wedding we started looking for a photographer. We wanted to find a professional who would take photos of the wedding ceremony in such a way that every going through the wedding album and looking at the photos would make us feel as if it is our wedding day again.

We started looking on the internet; we also visited numerous photo studios. The photographers we met gave us relatively cheap quotes. However, we were not satisfied with the quality of their work. We did not want conventional photographs with unnatural looks and smiles, we wanted something different, breathtaking. As we were not finding what we were looking for my husband and I decided not to hire a professional photographer.

A week before the wedding day a friend of mine told me that she knew a professional photographer who would be able to take photos of exceptional quality. She also said that we were extremely lucky as although this photographer rarely visited Bulgaria he was in the country at that time and had no other professional commitments on the day of our wedding. That is how we met Pete. When he showed us samples of his work, my husband and I were amazed. We looked at each other in agreement-this was the photographer we wanted to hire for our special day.

Now, a month after the wedding I feel confident that hiring Peter was the right choice. He managed to capture the unique feelings of our special day. Besides being a professional, he is emotionally involved in every photograph, which makes it a part of a fairy tale-this was our fairy tale and Pete captured every moment in the best possible way.
A have quite a few unmarried friends who have told me that when they get married they would like Peter to be their wedding photographer.

Thank you ever so much!

Peter & Krasy (Bulgarian Wedding in Montana)

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