Wedding photo album design

Time is passing by and the photographs are laying on the shelves and we only remember them when we clean up or pack up to move. The wedding photo albums are a great gift to the people you love, printed memories of the happiest times in your live. Turn your favorite photographs into custom photo albums and preserve memories for ever. I was a digital photo fan until i printed my first photo album and I can assure you the feeling is so different ... it's more personal and more emotional. Together with stylish fine-art design your photos start living and telling stories for the generations to come. Custom wedding photo album designed in magazine style turns to a Bible of the new family. Your wedding memories deserve the best and for me it is a great pleasure and honor to provide them - as a photographer and as a photo designer as wel.

The hardback or softback cover of a professional wedding photo album can be personalised to include one of the most compelling photos. Guests and those that were unable to come on your wedding will undoubtedly want to see photos taken throughout the event. My team and me work with the best photo book manifacturers in order to provide very high quality ensuring you that you receive the best results from your wedding photos. We individually work with each photo in order to optimise it for photo album printing.

There is a slight difference between photo album and photo book and I want to clear this up. When I speak about photo albums that we design it's about the printed photo books, not the old fashion photo albums with photo mounts. They can be various, from fine-art traditional hard-covered to stylish magazine style soft-covered ones.

What about the online photo books? They offer free design software and different themes. For some purposes they're good but of course not all of them but I can't say that they are good option for wedding photo albums. Why? Because a layout making software can not think creatively and can not direct the human eye and perception. No one layout software can replace the experienced album designer. Every wedding is different and the photos and moods are different. Do you want to equalize your unique day when you order a pattern that maybe you neighbour has already ordered?

My goal is unique weddings, unique photographies and custom photo albums because you are unique! My team and me design photo books that tell your story.

There will be more info about photo books on my blog.

Your wedding photos can be taken by you after the event but if you want to have a more artistic look, you need to hire a professional photographer and retoucher. In this way, you are sure that you will have the best shots that you can get on your wedding day. Aside from getting the image perfect moments, you can be sure to have high quality photos.

The way your wedding photos will be presented is as much significant as the photos themselves. Your photo album has to look like a unique object, a photo-book filled with intimate moments of joy. All albums we create start their existing in the process of photographing. That's the first step for successful photo album. Mixing the photography styles and genres helps to enrich your story and contribute to full with content photo book. Many varieties of photo albums are available online, but you may also enjoy of a hand-crafted and custom designed just for you because you and your event are unique.

In Peter Lane Photography we prepare different kind photo albums but our most clients come to us for wedding beauty retouching and photo album design. We do our best when we take orders from other photographers but if a photo session or a wedding is captured for photo album in mind, believe me it's very different. We know the specificity of the album creation and the human perception, that's why we try to create pieces of art from the moment of the "click".

What about the memories refreshment? Yeah, think different. Your wedding photo album is a good fine-art book on your table or library but you have kids now and a lot of anniversaries of your wedding day. We together can make the memories to come alive again. Just pick your story, send us your photos and we can offer the best photo book for you together with design which fits on your story.

That are most popular kinds of albums we design in Peter Lane Photography

There will be more info about photo albums on my blog.

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