Frequently asked questions being a bridal photographer in London, UK

Why do you shoot weddings?

Because on a wedding I feel challenged as a professional, highly motivated and inspired which triggers my wish to work and be creative. The wedding photography must be a passion for the professional photographer because it includes all styles of photography - portraiture, fashion, reportage, candid, stock and fashion ... and requires the ability to change them quickly and be creative. People are also motivated to look good and they give their best. On weddings I don't shoot just bride and groom but princes, celebrities ... they're turned to.

Where are you located?

My permanent address is in London. The airport is my second home but I wouldn't call it home sweet home. I am willing to travel to different destinations as per my client's requirements.

How do we hire you?

Easy. Just let me know the location, date and time of the wedding plus your specific photographic preferences for your special day. There a number of ways you can contact me and these are outlined in the Contacts section of the website. I will send you a password-protected web page where you can sign your contract and pay the retainer - 30%. Everything can be done online and It takes five minutes, and after that, you can count on me to be there with my camera for the most precious day of your life.

Are there any "hidden" costs in your wedding collections?

I hate it when I'm buying something and the deal keeps changing that's why the answer is - Absolutely not! I quote you one price for my services. Travel, lodging and (special work) visa expense are charged additionally as well as some extra services you may want as beauty and art retouching. (In order to check the retouching price rates and If you're in the "Photography" section of the website, click the home icon on the lower left corner and choose "Retouching".)

Why do you call your price list "investments"?

Because when people decide to get married they are in an euphoric state and don't think very rationally. They should understand that the wedding photography is one of the most essential investment they make for their wedding day. On the day after everything is just a memory. The good bridal photographer keeps the memories forever and closes the circle of your investments. A very expensive wedding dress can be a bad investment if you have no memories about it or if you have bad quality photos. That's my short answer. There are some topics on my blog about that.

What differs you from other bridal photographers?

The goal of Peter Lane Photography is to offer a boutique style wedding photography products and services. That's why I always use the help of photo assistants, retouching of all photo album photos, high-end photo album brands, modern photo equipment, I recommend shooting of more than one photographer, etc. All that in favor of the client.

Are the brides from your Creative Photography Gallery professional models? They look awesom!

No. None of them. Throughout a shooting, I direct my clients and give them posing tips so that each bride looks glamorous.

Do you need to see the venue before the wedding day?

Yes. It would be helpful if I arrive at the venue the day before the wedding so that I can familiarise myself with it. I also need to meet the couple as well as the parents if possible and spend some time with them. Generally, the more we get to know each other, the less stressful the shooting experience is expected to be.

Why is important to meet the couple before the wedding?

Speaking with the couple before their special day helps clarifying their specific requirements about the photography aspect of their wedding.

Does the price of the service include albums?

Yes, it does. The only exception is "A-La-Carte" collection as if a client chooses this particular collection they can have their album(s) done by a vendor of their own choice and/or order it later.

What is the quality of the photo albums in your base collections?

The photo albums included in the first two collections are provided by Graphi Studio books. They come with thick continuous pages and unbeatable quality. I've seen many brides crying of joy when holding them in their hands for the first time, and I would love to be the one who gives you your family book.

Can I have a second photographer?

I recommend you to have a second photographer! If you wish to have a second photographer present at your wedding, that can be arranged. The cost range you can see in the price list. The benefit of having a second photographer is that you will have two sets of eyes (and hands) two different creative minds working together to capture your wedding from every possible angle.

How many photos do you take?

The right question is - "how many different photos will I have". This depends on a number of factors and these include: the style of shooting (photo-reportage, traditional, fashion), the number of photographers, whether the wedding is big or small. During the editing process approximately 1/4 of the photos will be deleted. I never count the images. My job is to record the story of the day for you.

Can I make my own prints?

Yes, you will own "home use rights" to your images which means that you can do pretty much anything you want with them as long as it doesn't generate any income for yourself or the people you give them to. But I have something better for you. You can order the prints sitting on your chair and they'll be delivered for you. Just log into your web gallery and chose the desired photo, size and quantity. Your relatives and friends can do it as well.

Why is good photography so expensive?

Two thing that most couples don't realize are: 1/ They don't buy a tangible product yet. They invest in a future product that they haven't seen and don't know what it will look like. What they buy is photographers time, trust, skills, experience and reputation. The photos come later in the near future. 2/ The part of the wedding photography you actually see is only the tip of the iceberg for the whole job. It may sound like a lot of money you are paying for a relatively small job but you don't see the days of time spent on the computer color correcting and tuning your images, the time spent traveling, the time spent marketing and creating the website and the blog posts and the constant flow of client emails and phone calls to answer and the hours spent planning and reserving travel arrangements for flights and hotels and cars, and time spent learning new camera techniques or new computer software, etc. There really is a lot more to it than just showing up on the wedding day with a camera in hand.

What is trash the dress?

This is one of my favorite types of photo sessions. This type of photography is done the day after the wedding but it is the bride's choice whether to have such shooting or not. If the wedding dress is relatively clean (from wine drops, other's shoes or cake for example) the bride can choose a location where to have some fashion images, either alone or with the groom. There is some articles about it in my blog.

Do you retouch your photos?

Yes, I do if the client needs those for print and web. There are different retouching methods and you might want to visit the retouching section of this website for more information. I do basic enhancements of all images of the photo session and these include colour correction and white balance. I also do custom wedding and other design for photo books and photo albums.

Who owns the sources?

The source photo becomes property of the photographer from the moment of its creation if there is no specific agreement that states otherwise.

The ladies in your galleries are so beautiful, are they professional models?

90% of the women in my galleries are NOT models. My clientele is versatile in terms of age, lifestyle and background and they order their photo sessions for a variety of reasons.

Who are your clients?

Most of my clients are private persons requiring photo sessions for personal use and gifs. Most of my weddings are destination.

How much cost your photo sessions?

Different photo sessions require different equipment and incur different expenses. Once you give me the specific details I will be able to give you a quote.

Will you travel to my house for a shoot?

Yes. Many of my photo shoots are at private properties and different non-studio locations.

How long takes a photo session?

This depends on the client's requirements. It can last from 20 minutes to a whole day.

When will I receive my photos?

The photos could be ready on the same day. Sometimes it might take 1-2 weeks. This depends on the collection you choose and the number of photos. Generally, I can tell you when you can expect the photos before you book the photo session. I upload the photos on my website and give you access for online viewing and print.

What do I have to bring with myself in a studio photo session?

First obligatory thing - good attitude! And of course anything you might find relevant to the particular photo session. This could be a CD with your favourite music, different clothes for different images, gloves, hats, scarves, jewellery...

How can I be better prepared for a photo session?

Spend some time with fashion, fashion magazines (depends of your type of photo session). Take a look at how hands and fingers are positioned, the curves the body forms, the way the models look at, poses of course. Try them at least 5-10 in front of the mirror. Try to memorize them because under stress and the flashing lights the chance to forget them is not small. That will help photographer to pay more attention on lights and creativity then sculpting your body piece by piece.

Can I have a drink before the session in order to get relaxed?

I don't recommend it! An alcoholic drink is not a factor that contributes for a good photo session. The secret is to be yourself.

Why retouch is needed?

Why make-up is needed? Manicure, pedicure, lifting, liposuction, plastic surgery ...? The short answer is: beauty and perfection.

Who can use your services?

It doesn't matter for me who your are, an agency, pro photographer or a private client. I work with different clients from all over the world.

Is there a difference between portrait, fine-art, beauty retouching?

The most essential difference is the level of the effects applied (of course it's up to the client how much retouch to be applied). In portrait retouch the touches are not so strong as in fashion retouch for example. fashion retouch are more time consuming, especially if the body is in full size. Fine-art requires more time, effects and detailed work.

How much do your charge for your services?

The basic is USD30 per photo. But keep in mind advanced retouching of fashion, fine-art and advertising images can cost more. The retouch price may go down depends of amount of the photos ordered ...

Do you retouch amateur photos?

Depends of the file resolution and quality.

What image format do you support?

Most preferable are JPEG images but support RAW and TIFF too. If the image (RAW or TIFF) is not for a big print you can convert it into JPEG with highest quality level.

Do you design wedding albums and other albums?

Yes I do. Contact me and explain what kind and size album or book do you need and I'll send you back my suggestions. After approval and receiving 50% deposit I start designing. My team provides also online photo albums with integrated slideshows, family site with CMS (Control Management System).

Why the prices are subject of additional estimation?

The final price depends on complexity, quality and size of your image. It may be higher or lower than what is listed. My team or me should see your image before giving you the final price.

What does "price is per person/object" mean?

Your photo may contain only one person (portrait) or several persons (family portrait etc.) If I need to retouch more than one person, the price will be multiplied by the number of persons on the photo.

I want to receive two different images from one photo, how do I do this?

The common rule is "one source - one final image". If you want to use the same photo for different purposes, you will need to upload your photo twice and place two separate orders.

Payment methods?

Paypal. We may discuss alternative methods too.

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