Wedding Photography - why the bridal photographer in London is your best friend?

The first dance is over, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have dried, and the wedding dress has been safely put away, your "endless memories" are the only piece of your wedding day that can be kept and shared with your friends and family throughout the years to come.

I call the professional portraits, candid and reportage works, compositional fashion and fashion pictures taken at your wedding, timeless memories. My team and I will not only "shoot" your wedding but create a fine art object which will never get obsolete and even your kids and grandchildren will keep it and watch again and again with pleasure.

I want to be more than just another bridal photographer in London, UK rendering a service. I would like to be a part of your love story. So when I go to a wedding, I go there as a friend, emotionally connected to you lovely couple. I want to provide each of my couples with the most personalized and memorable experience.

Every wedding I see is special in its own way and is a beautiful, perfect moment.

But let's talk a little bit more about the professional wedding photography. I see a trend in bridal photographer's websites of trying to define the various styles of wedding photography. Styles like: Fine-Art, Documentary, fashion, Classic, Contemporary, the most familiar Photojournalism often mistaken with Candid and of course Traditional. What about the approach to the wedding photography? Some of my colleagues say that they only shoot weddings using "available light" and never flash.

What bridal photographer in London, UK to chose - a Nikon shooter or a Canon one? Full frame or crop? Are these question actual for wedding photography?

It's not that important how expensive your bridal photographer's camera is and what brand it is if he doesn't have good personal attitude and attitude to the wedding photography as a special genre. If the bridal photographer loves his job he'll not look at you as a client on the list.

Another very important thing is what is included in the package. Peter Lane Photography offers full package of services and wedding photography styles starting from Traditional thru Fine-Art, Documentary, fashion, Classic, Contemporary, Photojournalism, Candid and finishing with fine-art photo albums with various design options. Black and White, Sepia, Vintage, Retro, Fashion ... What about beauty retouching? This is an essential part of Peter Lane wedding photography.

Thank you for choosing me to capture your day. Thank you for sharing your joy with me!


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