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When you go to the grocery you go directly to the food stands. You don't need to know who's at the register, you just pick the shortest row and the price you like best. Shopping for bridal photographer is completely different. You buy food every day. Putting together your wedding though is a once in a lifetime thing. What you get from your bridal photographer is a fine-art memory investment for life. And there are a couple of important factors you need to consider.

Your bridal photographer is the person you'll spend the most important day in your life with. Do you feel comfortable with that person? Are you familiar with his work and experience? Do you know his approach and attitude? How will he treat you? Is it going to be "next client, please", or you'll be treated as the only client he has? You won't see the answers in the photographers' packages that's why I think that the "price list" should be the last stop.

I deliberately don't call it price list because the photo services and products together with all the rest important things you buy for your wedding day is a fine-art memory investment for life. It can't be a price list because the things you pay for are incomparable because they're intangible.

When you draw the line, your investment is understandably an important factor. But if you are truly serious about your wedding, it should not have as high of a priority as the other factors above.

Peter Lane Photography offers boutique photography products and services. What you can expect is only the best that is out there, combined with individual and friendly approach. The kind of things you can not put a price tag on, you know. It's simple. You'll be treated like a queen.

Dear friends,

Before to start reading the wedding photography prices list I would like to point your attention to some things:

Sunset Gold Collection

Sharp platinum Collection

A-La-Carte Collection

Important !!! As every wedding is unique and different you may apply for a custom package that better fits on your needs and budget. Customized packages available upon request !!!

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