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Best Christening/Baptism videography in New York and the rest of USA

Baptism Christening photographer Videographer New York Chicago

Valentina’s Greek Orthodox Christening – St. Sophia & Corinthia Hotel, New York

Here a sample of our Christening / Baptism cinematic video highlights.

At Peter Lane Creative Studio, the well-trained and respectful Christening videographers bring their skills and passion to bear for your event. Using high-definition camera equipment and professional sound recording, they can get close to the action to reveal every expression and every wavering prayer. A Baptism videography film captures more than the event itself; it shows the emotions during the event.

See the Difference in Quality

It takes a special talent to bring out the best of a Christening. Choosing the angles, getting the best shot and maintaining the best sound quality all require a steady hand and a lot of experience. When you hire Peter Lane Creative Studio for your Christening party, you get all that and more: a creative flair in keeping with your wishes.

Allow Peter Lane Creative Studio, their unbridled enthusiasm love of photography and Christening videography to work for you and your child. Make their Christening films your most precious memory.

Christenings & Baptism Photographer & Videographer in New York

Greek Christening Photography by Peter Lane Photography New York! Our Greek Christening Photographers specialized in covering Greek Baptisms since the inception of the company and has become known thru New York Greek community with our passionate coverage of this most important day. Greek Christening Photography and videography is a true passion of the entire team of Peter Lane Photography. Peter Lane Photography brings a new edge to artistic, modern and photojourmalistic coverage to Greek Christening Photography and not only. We know all the traditional Greek Baptism customs and traditions involved in the Greek Orthodox Christening Ceremony.

Your baby’s Christening is a wonderful occasion and a set of contemporary images will give you a lasting memory. Our reportage style using available light means that we can shoot discreetly without causing distraction during the service, so that family and Godparents are not unduly aware of our presence.

We shoot many Greek Orthodox Christenings being based in New York and well known by the community. Greek Orthodox Christenings are beautiful ceremonies with no shortage of captivating objects to be photographed. This makes such an event a challenge for a photographer attempting to capture outstanding pictures that will be cherished for generations to come.

Usually we begin with the family photos and prized portraits of baby and family. These have to be done before the ceremony gets underway. Post ceremony usually means the baby is tired and cranky with oily hair and wanting to rest which gives us little time for the quantity of shots that we’d like to have. We especially love capturing emotional Christening photos of baby with mother as well as godparents. Guest’s faces tend to bring out the best expressions at the moment the baby is bathed in the blessed water when I always have my finger ready on the trigger. Other subjects for great pictures are the close ups of decorations, baby portraits using the light from the candles, the incense burning and all the filigree details in the church.

As artists and a storytellers we Invest in finding the best spots, light and pose for family and your child’s portraits. When you invest in Peter Lane Photography Christening / Baptism Photography, you invest in our vision and huge experience to tell your personal story in images.

Whether is about an Anglican Christening, a Greek and Eastern Orthodox Christening / Baptism or any other Christian religion, we guarantee you that you’ll be proud of your images. Because of our office location majority of our Christenings are Greek Orthodox but we enjoy photographing any Baptism – Catholic, Anglican or Protestant.

Do you cover Christening outside of New York?

Yes. We cover the whole country and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover expenses and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum by only charging the cost of the transport and daily bread.

Do you film/photograph Christening only?

No. We film and photograph any kind of special events including Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, etc. but we do commercial projects, advertisements, social media short films, conferences and corporate events too.  

Do you give the digital files?

Yes we do! All of them are yours, edited, print ready in hi-res, having "Home Use Rights" which means that you can print them wherever you want.

When can we get the images?

We try to deliver up to 2 days after the Christening, because we know how important for you is to enjoy and share the images with friends and relatives.

Why is so important to book photo & video from one vendor?

Yes it is important because photographers and videographers have experience working together and know each other's style. They will try to complement each other not to compete.

How does the relationship between the photographer and videographer work?

If you book our photography & video bundle you'll benefit with same key final product. Please take a look at our photography portfolio. Speaking about the cats and dogs synergy as they characterize photographers and videographers, well, we believe that photography is always more important as it captures the moment and we try to show respect to our colleagues but same time to do the job in the best way possible. The reason we are there is to capture your event the best we can and that will only happen if the photographer and videographer work together with this aim in mind.

Are you familiar with Greek Orthodox Christenings?

We do quite a lot Greek Orthodox Christenings and we are well known by the Greek community, we have the experience and feel quite comfortable with both photography and videography.

How do we book?

Once you have confirmed you want to book we'll need your postal address for the paperwork. After signing the agreement and sending our copy to us along with a deposit of 1/3rd of the agreed amount, we'll consider the day locked to you. When do we meet? It's usually best to have our pre-Christening meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the event, the closer the better really as its nice to keep the rapport we build up from the meeting and take that into the Christening so you feel more at ease. We always try to arrange a face to face meeting where ever possible but sometimes due to logistics this may not be possible. In this instance we can have the next best thing...a Skype chat. If your not comfortable with chatting over the net we can always have the meeting via telephone. The main aim is to get to know each other and to obtain all the info I need so I'm fully prepared for the big day.  

When is the final balance due?

3 Weeks prior to the Christening date.

How long does the video take to complete?

To create a film to the standard we produce takes time so we set the completion date at 1-4 months from the event date. It doesn't take 4 months of actual editing however, as we film a lot of events in a 5 month period and with each edit taking up to 2 weeks of work we quickly build up a backlog. We don't rush our edits, we spend the time carefully crafting your Christening film to ensure we create the best Christening video possible. Your video is to last you forever and we want it be something you will always want to watch and be proud to show your friends and family, we edit with this in mind. It does require patience on your part but I can assure you its worth the wait!

How long do you keep a copy of our Christening footage?

Once the video is signed off and you have received your final copies we will keep the raw footage for 2 months after which time it will be deleted. We will however keep copies of your final discs in case you wish to order more copies in the future.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.

Christening Baptism album

The album options are practically endless as you can see in our Wedding Albums section. After the Christening you’ll be advised about the options and their corresponding prices.

The exact album price is formed by the following variables:

  • album provider/brand/quality
  • durability and longevity
  • type of paper
  • number of pages
  • type of cover and cover material
  • size

All that put together makes the total so, the best time to discuss it is after the event, because only then we all know how many photos, pages, etc. will be chosen. We can meet after the event and go thru all that options together and choose the best one for you covering the desired budget.

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