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Album design for every special occasion – Wedding Album, Bar Mitzvah Album, Anniversary or Birthday album

Time is passing by and the photographs are laying on the shelves and we only remember them when we clean up or pack up to move. Photo albums are a great gift to the people you love, printed memories of the happiest times in your live. Turn your favorite photographs into custom photo-books and preserve memories for ever. Together with stylish fine-art design your photos start living and telling stories for the generations to come. Custom wedding album designed in magazine style turns to a Bible of the new family. Your wedding memories deserve the best and for me it is a great pleasure and honor to provide them.

On this page you’ll find a mountain of photos and videos to showcase different albums – weddings, children, Bar Mitzvah… We made that for you to see the variety of options, sizes, materials, covers, sleeves, boxes, etc., and remember this is just a very little preview of all possibilities, designed and crafted to match your theme, material, colour, tactile and esthetic preferences.

Our wedding album vision

Our vision about a wedding album … well, this is simply your family Holly Book. The way we shoot your wedding is always with the wedding album in mind. No matter how beautiful one image can be, only in an album together with other carefully selected photos it will tell your story to the generations to come. A solid background in beauty retouching and visual arts help our team to design your one of a kind fine art wedding album having a unique layout and feeling. Your bespoke photo album comes with the best hand made Italian album craftsman features, with the best world quality materials and longevity. 

The wedding album meeting – come, touch and feel, see the difference

One of the main reasons for our meetings is for you to touch and feel the final product – the album – the only thing that will reveal memories of that precious and long waited day. The only product like the good wine will generate more and more value with every given year.

After a short education and explaining the key features a client should consider when ordering an album you will be ready to compare our albums with another vendors. It’s very important for you to buy something that will live unchanged and undamaged for many many years.  Many photographers in their wish to generate more profit and cut expenses, work with low quality album providers on a cheeper price, which makes their packages more attractive. Thanks to the digital industry they look almost the same as the good quality and value ones. We’re trained and will notice the difference but you will not. You will see it after time when the colours become unsaturated and pale, and when the corners of the pages come apart. Here comes the English saying “I’m not too rich to buy cheap products”.

Few things to consider that will make a HUGE difference with your wedding album:

  • Who is designing your album? A professional and educated designer who knows how to lead the eye or a one-man-company photographer never educated in visual communications and graphic/album design.
  • Is your album made by a software or a creative mind? Software can’t take creative decisions.
  • Is your album retouched by experienced professional retoucher? Will you see there closed eyes, dark or overexposed photos, double chins, double triceps, skin imperfections, etc.?
  • Is your albums optimised for print? I know this is something new for you but be sure this is new for 99% of photographers out there.

We decided to publish video footage of completed wedding photo albums for you to see: the book materials, design consistency, beauty retouching quality, documentary & artistic wedding photography blending together, etc. What you see here is just the top of the iceberg as we offer now mountain of different covers, paper types, boxing and wrapping, album sleeves and all that to match your wish.

Why should I order my album from you?

We offer literally hundreds of options for you album to fit budget, style, taste, color theme, materials, boxing, size, longevity, etc.

Our albums are designed by professional and experienced magazine designers who know how to make a proper story teller and relax the eye on the page. We follow strict design rules, avoid automatic software with no human control, no online presets and patterns as every story and every album is unique and different.

What albums do you offer?

Our albums fit any occasion:

  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Christening
  • Anniversary
  • Model/Actor/Singer etc. portfolio
  • Boudoir album
  • Pets
  • Newborns and family album
What is the main difference between your albums and your competitors?

2 differences:

- We are not one man band, and not letting the computers to do the human creative decisions. We work with experienced designers. Every page is designed, then retouched and then optimized to the specific print machine to make it look great. There is a huge difference between good and awesome albums.

- We choose the best providers, best paper and best longevity options for your album. The goal is for you to see the same colours and same quality after many years. Many of our competitors compete on price to take the job and for the non experienced eye the album may look the same, but after few years you'll start notice the pale colours and splitting the page corners.

When do we get the album?

About 2 months after approval and payment.

Do you have a price-list?

As we mentioned above, we offer hundreds of options for your album which makes the price go up or down. A number of variables will affect the price:

  • Vendor
  • Size
  • Paper type
  • Lamination and longevity options
  • Number of pages
  • Thickness of paper
  • Cover materials, cover prints, embossing, engraving, sides and backs
  • Boxing
  • Lining
  • Fonts used
  • Number of copies
  • Type and size of copies

We need your data and requirements and only them will be able to quote the final price.

How do you proof the albums and how do we approve it?

Our unique online proofing services will save you time and efforts. You can flip the pages as if it's a real life paper album. Then you pin the place on the page and comment under the pin like: remove my moms double chin, remove this photo or make it large, etc. I don't need to know who your mother is and you don't have to explain where the photo is located on the spread because we'll see exactly what you see on your screen. Easy!

Album Design Prices

Our wedding clients benefit with all inclusive packages where graphic design and retouching are either significantly discounted or free of charge, which reduces the album cost. For other photographers’ clients having the high resolution images we can offer soft pages coffee table albums from $350, thick continuous pages albums from $650, and of course we have luxury range from $2,000. We can guide you with choosing the right album options to match your wishes and budget.

The final price is a variable of the following:

  • Album vendor
  • Size
  • Number of pages
  • Paper type and lamination
  • Cover – front, side and back. We offer covers for free together with very fancy pricy options. Different sides and backs always put the price up.
  • Storing & presentation packaging options: boxes, sleeves, suitcases … al of them highly customisable
  • Same size copies, parent copies, pocket & mignon size copies
  • Lining
  • Customisation with fonts, engraving, debossing (silver, golden, etc.)
  • Ribbons
  • Time used to layout/design, number of revisions and changes, retouching hours, etc.
  • Delivery and album insurance for distant clients

Now you realise that shooting prices over internet is not professional.

Album Design USA

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