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Engagement photo session, Love story photo session or simply Pre-wedding photo session in New York, California, the rest of USA.

For the last few years as a hot trend we shoot mainly abroad couples from Chinese, Russian, UAE, etc. couples coming in USA for vacation combining the oportunity to use the romantic New York downtown for their pre wedding photo shoot. We’re available to create your Love story all over USA, Europe and the rest of the world. So, almost everything bellow applies to that kind of Love Story / Engagement / Pre Wedding photo shoots. We’re happy to suggest places that best fit to our clients taste, Make up artist, etc.

We love engagement sessions! It gives the couple and us the opportunity to get to know each other and starts making them comfortable with the camera. When couples book us to take their pictures for an engagement session they always have a lot of questions to ask. Where should they go? What should they wear? What should they do? All details, decisions of clothing, location and concept truly affect the results of a shoot. Good choices really add so much more to the pictures, and make it really inspiring and boosts the creativity level. As an artists team photographers and cinematographers we are inspired by so many things during an engagement shoot. By the connection that the couple has, their love and dynamic with each other, their energy, their expression, and the fun they are having in front of the camera.

As we mentioned already, it’s good to have an engagement session not just to get beautiful pictures as a couple, but also developing a relationship and connection between the couple and the photographer. It’s very crucial for good results. On the day of the wedding, there is usually only an hour or less for the portraits. In the engagement session, the photographer and the couple can take the time to get to know each other before the wedding day. Also, the couple can get a feeling of how the photographer works. This way, on the wedding day, the couple will feel comfortable in front of the camera and the photographer won’t feel like a stranger to them.

Choosing the right location for your pre wedding photo session

We always try to think of places that really show the personality and dynamic of the couple. It’s important to have a dialogue with the couple about the location, it shouldn’t be all up to the photographer. Try think of creative and beautiful places that are special: where they met, where he proposed, someplace they like to go together. It’s also important to consider the time of day and the position of the sun. You don’t want to take pictures during lighting conditions that are unfavorable for photography. Early or late day sun comes from an angle and looks much more flattering than overhead, shadowy, bright sunlight. It’s also good to be aware that certain locations in the city, like museums or other private venues, require a permit or have restrictions about flash photography, tripods or extra lights.

Clothing, MakeUp & Hair

It is best that couples should always have their hair and makeup professionally done. A very important part in getting good results is in the details, colors and style. It is so important to pick the right clothes and accessories. A cool hat, cool shoes, cool socks, a tie, a special suit or a jacket, vintage clothes or a beautiful hair piece can all make the difference. It’s important to wear clothing that fits well because it makes for better looking pictures. We can recommend our proven Hair & Make UP specialists, stylist if needed and of course internet is full of hairpieces, props and accessories for you to choose.

You should pick clothes that match the location and your mood. In some areas like Camden Town everything is very colorful then the wardrobe shouldn’t be too busy looking. If the location is very romantic and dreamy, then the clothes should give that feeling. If we shoot on the see shore and cliffs, the clothes should matched the sky, sea and rock colours. There is no one rule of what to wear, it really depends on the particular shoot.

Pre Wedding photo session Theme or Love Story photo session

The photographer and couple should talk about the concept a few weeks or months before the wedding day. The sooner the better as the couple can manage organise props if needed. This is also a useful time for the photographer to become better acquainted with the couple. Do they want fun images? Romantic? Passionate? A combination of romantic and edgy? Urban feeling? What are their interests? Such considerations will determine the location & concept, but also help the photographer connect to the couple. Then they can better understand the dynamic of the couple, who they are and what their needs may be. For example, one theme could be shooting a vintage session using old suitcases or using 1940s outfits next to a railroad. It can be a romantic picnic with a beautiful blanket and a basket with flowers and fruits. It could be an old car, or in a library.

Having fun and becoming friends with the camera on your pre wedding photo session

Before the session, we like to have a small talk about how the couple met, how he proposed, giving them compliments about what they decided to wear and how great they look for the engagement shoot, etc. We also tell them about ourselves so we don’t seem like strangers. This way we get to know each other, and the whole process of taking pictures is more personal. Then, the couple feels more comfortable and the connection with us is more friendly. Getting a good picture is like a triangle: The couple – the camera – and the photographer. These three elements need to come together to get good results. As photographers & cinematographers, it’s not just about the technical aspects like composition and light, but creating good chemistry between us and the couple and the couple with each other.

When some couples stand in front of our cameras they ask, “Oh, what do you want us to do?” The right thing is not to think about what you should do in front of the camera, but to think about how you feel towards each other. The best pictures are when things are natural and with real expressions. It’s not about the camera, but the dynamic of the couple and their real connection. When we shoot, we try to feel out the couple and see how they reaction with each other and in front of the camera. Then, We decide how to interact with them. If we give directions, we keep them very short and try to get the couple to act naturally. We really believe that posing makes a person feel uncomfortable and sometimes not themselves, which can make expressions seem unnatural and unflattering. If a couple is goofy or easygoing, it’s important to pick up on that. I try to figure out and understand their connection. If it’s more subtle and private, and how comfortable they are with showing affection. Because some couples are private and sometimes even mention that they are not used to showing affection in public, and some are so comfortable to do anything. Speaking of which, it’s the best time to get to know the couple instead on the wedding day. We try to help our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera by trying to make them laugh, or asking them to do crazy things. New York offers so many different options for pre wedding photo sessions and it’s always unforgettable experience for all of us.

Pre wedding photography in New York USA for foreigner couples

As experienced New York Pre Wedding photographers & cinematographers based in New York, we offer pre wedding or engagement photo shoots in Central New York, Surrey, California, , Chicago, as well as nationwide USA. We also offer pre-wedding shoots in many major European cities such as Barcelona, Rom, Paris, Venice, Prague, etc. so if you would like your prewedding photography to be held in the European city of your choice, please email us for a quote.

If your wedding is in China, Russia, UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Spain, Italy, etc. and you’re in love with New York, of course you can do your Pre Wedding photo shoot over here as New York is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It turns to a trend now as many foreigner couples email us quite often and we are happy to give you a hand with organising it. We have good relations with limo companies, castles, private mansions with very fancy interior, etc. so we can provide everything according to your pocket.

Our pre wedding Love Story photo shoots are particularly popular among engaged Russian couples and other foreign couples who are getting married in New York or other British or European city. All pre wedding shoots include a full set of high resolution images in jpeg format with no watermarks and no logos on them, along with written image usage rights so you can have them printed at home or at your favourite photo lab. Your shoot can also include a slideshow set to music, perfect for displaying on your wedding day (please ask). Albums, prints and frames are available to be ordered by your private online gallery. All engagement shoots are tailored to include the locations you want to include. Online delivery of images is available for overseas clients on request.

Pre-wedding shoots include all of the following:

  • Shoot time, up to 4 hours
  • Our travelling expenses to a mutually agreed starting location
  • All standard editing and post processing of images
  • private web gallery with online ordering facilities
  • High resolution jpegs of all finished images suitable for printing, with the option of online delivery for overseas couples.
  • Your shoot can be in central New York or anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Greater New York at no extra charge.

Pre Wedding romantic Love Story cinematic film?

This is something really new and really trendy. Imagine yourself walking down the street in Central New York, the black cabs, the city lights, bridges, fashion shops billboards, the beautiful stone architecture, the atmosphere, the unique city mood … and your love connecting all that together into a short cinematic movie!

Pre Wedding photo session or Love Story?

What is Pre Wedding photo session and who needs it?

There is a growing demand for pre-wedding photography sessions or love story sessions in New York. Here we would like to share our understanding of what a pre-wedding photography session is and why it is strongly recommended to have it before your big day.

A pre-wedding photography session is a romantic shoot full of fun in locations you choose. Usually these are the places that have a special meaning to you like the place you’ve met for first time, first kiss, etc. A pre-wedding photography session aims to tell the story of your relationship in beautiful images.

The reasons why we do recommend to have a love story or pre-wedding photography session are quite numerous.
First of all a pre-wedding photography session helps a photographer and a couple to get to know each other better.
You will have an opportunity to learn more about the skills and style of your photographer and that confidence will assure you less stress at the wedding day.

You will get used to being photographed and if needed get rid of your shyness in front of the camera as the atmosphere of a pre-wedding photography session is more informal. You will feel more at ease during your wedding photo session then. We use the love story photo shoot to teach you how to pose alone and how to pose as a couple to get amazing photos. You’ll learn the modeling posing basics, what to concentrate on and what to avoid as the goal is for you to look natural and yourself, not plastic and posed but still refined.

A pre-wedding photography session gives you a perfect opportunity to share your wishes, ideas, likes and dislikes with your photographer.
You can use the pictures at your wedding party (e.g. in a slideshow about the key moments of your relationship).
The Peter Lane Photography team will be happy to arrange a pre-wedding photography session for you and help you chose nice locations!

Do you photograph or film in New York only?

No. We cover the whole country and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover transport and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum.

When can we get the images?

We try to deliver up to 2 days after the photo shoot, because we know how excited you're going to be to see and share with friends.

Can you recommend hair & make up?

With pleasure.

How to dress?

If you don't have a concept in mind, in most of the cases casual, just be yourself and feel comfortable.

What is the difference between Engagement photo session, Pre Wedding photo session and Love Story photo session?

Well, generally there is no difference. The call it Engagement photo session in the United States, which fools our clients in USA" and they always ask "do we need a photographer on our Engagement party". In Russia and Asia it's a trend now the pre wedding shoot with a concept and it's known there as a Love Story photo session. I like the name and devotion how people organise props, printed materials, clothes, etc. to organise something different and funny, very often that photos are used to entertain the wedding guests being projected on the Wedding Day.

Do we need to plan in advance?

If you have locations in mind please let us know because we may need to require permission and it takes time. Keep in mind weekends are full with tourists and you won't have a clear background.

How do we book?

After agreement of date/time and location, you'll be given bank details to deposit the photo shoot. The balance due on the day.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.