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Newborn Photographer, Videographer – New York

Newborn video trailer – Words of blessing

Words of blessing is a new trend and an amazing add-on to your baby’s photo session. Two cameras and special sound equipment is used to capture your & your family message – words of blessing and devotion – to the baby. To be kept in secret and plaid on their special day like Bar Mitzvah or Wedding. Speechless!

Newborn videographer

Newborn Photography & Videography in New York Chicago California and the rest of USA

Peter Lane Photography team loves to create delicate portraits of your newborn baby, either in the comfort of your home or in our home studio. It is best to have your newborn photography session within the first fifteen days of baby’s birth, so please schedule it during your pregnancy.

Newborn photography requires techniques, creativity and skillful training. Peter Lane Photography newborn photographers Peter & Petya are creative and patient which is a must have requirement in capturing the most precious moments of an infant. What are the benefits of hiring a newborn photographer? A major benefit of hiring a photographer is its cost efficient and the photographer can travel to the residence of the family. Other benefits include creatively adding props and special lightings to receive the best quality of photographs.

One of the most difficult tasks a newborn photographer has is capturing creative pictures of infants. The photographer needs plenty of patience to capture moments of the baby smiling or other facial expressions. The newborn photographer must know all the correct newborn props to use in order to capture those special moments. Regardless if the infant is awake or sleep, a professional should be able to creatively take some of the most memorable pictures. Newborn photography is in popular demand in New York now and not only.

Newborn photography photo sessions with Peter & Petya are best scheduled months in advance, as we accept only a limited number of newborns every month. A huge benefit of newborn photography is that the photographer can conveniently come to the parent’s home. They come with the best quality of lightings and latest photographic equipment. Parents and infants don’t have to leave their home.

Newborns sleeps a lot and are on a two to three hour feeding schedule. We work around the infant’s schedule. We can capture special moments during feeding if the parents choose to.

A professional newborn photography requires skill to capture that precious angelic moments. They can add various props and themes. Once the photography session is complete, the first edited (basic edit) photos will be uploaded in a special for the family private gallery. From there they can choose photos for advanced retouching, album or print directly. The photographs can be presented in a custom designed album. Parents are given a variety of options of custom albums and packages. These newborn photography albums are available with different themes that can tell a story of your new born infant. Let a professional photographer like Petya or Peter Lane put together the best photo album for your newborn baby.

Maternity photographer New York, Chicago, California

Document the beauty of your pregnancy with maternity photography you’ll never forget! We can create beautiful fine art portraits in your home, in a specially hired fancy interior place, or in a studio. In all that locations your maternity photographer will create a photo that’s truly fine art.

There are some real benefits to having your pictures taken by a professional New York maternity photographer while you are pregnant. It is a time to be remembered and cherished forever, and maternity photography makes that possible. One of the most unique and most important times in a couple’s or a family’s life is when a new addition comes into their life. New York Maternity Photographer Peter Lane says that to capture this on still frame photo is an exquisite new trend. It is a magical moment that should be forever captured with maternity photography and held dear.

Peter Lane Maternity photography is natural and unobtrusive, the goal is to show your love to your child from the moment of existence. The memories can be forever cherished through maternity photography. There is nothing more beautiful than the female silhouette, except the female silhouette during pregnancy. A professional maternity photographer knows how to capture the beauty and simplicity that all comes together to make a timeless masterpiece known as maternity photography. During a maternity photography session, studio lighting helps to accentuate the female shape, and allows for the nuances of the pregnant body to really make a bold impact. A maternity photographer can make the beauty of the silhouette truly memorable, and Peter’s final photos are always gorgeous.

Baby photography New York, Chicago, California

Babies go through so many milestones in their first year, and fine art baby photography sessions are a perfect way to document those cherished moments. The best ages for your baby photography session is around three months, when they can hold their head up and smile. As a new parent you are aware of how beneficial it can be to acquire life long memories of your baby as they grow up. Many individuals throughout the world are constantly filling their baby photo albums with photographs that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come. There are an ample amount of benefits to hiring a baby photographer in New York to ensure that your memories are kept sacred for a variety of years to come.

As previously mentioned, having the ability to acquire baby photography can prove to be exponentially beneficial due to the fact that you will be provided with an ample amount of memories. Although as a parent you are prone to remember the important dates throughout life such as birthdays and play dates but with the use of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs that will mark the milestones in your baby’s life. As an example, on their first birthday you can have their photograph taken and then on their second birthday you can also have their photograph taken to see the progress in age.

Another benefit of acquiring a New York baby photographer Peter Lane is that you will be able to acquire professional photographs that will undoubtably impress friends and family members. Although many individuals believe that using their own personal digital cameras are sufficient enough, many family members would prefer to acquire professional baby photography of your baby. With the implementation of a baby photographer you will be able to acquire photographs of your baby with extrinsic and beautiful back drops and a professional standard quality that will undoubtably help to make the photographs far more outstanding.

Family photographer New York, Chicago, California

Peter strives to capture natural and enduring portraits for families that will be cherished for a lifetime. Family Photography sessions are relaxed and fun – set at one of many parks in New York, California, Chicago or the surrounding areas, or a place of your choosing.

Hiring a New York family photographer Peter Lane is beneficial in various ways. When you hire a family photographer, you’re getting personalized attention from Peter, a photographer who will take the time to get to know your family and take pictures of your family in a way that’s unique.

When you hire a NY family photographer like Peter Lane, your family’s experience will be unlike any other.
Peter is an experienced New York family photographer. With the help of his wife Petya, they have earned a reputation as New York’s most sought-after family photographers.

The Baby Album

Custom Baby Album

The baby or newborn album options are practically endless as you can see in our Wedding Albums section, and this one here is just the very top of the iceberg. We’re happy to assist you find the best size, paper, colours, covers and boxes for your baby album. And of course all your baby photos especially the newborn ones which need special attention will be craftily retouched.

Baby album custom design

The exact album price is formed by the following variables:

– album provider/brand/quality, durability and longevity
– type of paper
– number of pages
– type of cover and cover material
– size

All that put together makes the total so, the best time to discuss it is after your baby photo session, because only then we all know how many photos, pages, etc. will be chosen. We will pass thru all that options together and choose the best one for you covering the desired budget.

Do you photograph or film outside of New York?

Yes. We cover the whole country and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover expenses and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum by only charging the cost of fuel and daily bread.

Do you film newborns?

Yes. We film and photograph Newborns, Babies, Maternity sessions, Family portraits, etc.

Do you give the digital files?

Yes we do! Depends on your package. All of them are yours, edited, print ready in hi-res, having "Home Use Rights" which means that you can print them wherever you want.

When can we get the images?

We try to deliver up to 2 days after the photo shoot, because we know how important for you is to enjoy and share the images with friends and relatives.

What is the best time to plan a newborn session?

The best time to plan and book the newborn photo session is at the end of pregnancy, the last couple of months. The best time for the photo shoot is the first 2 weeks after the birth. This is the time when the baby is plastic and sleepy, allowing posing and quick work. After that is almost impossible.

What is the best time for Maternity photo session?

Probably the seventh month. The belly is well defined and you won't feel heavy and tired lie in the ninth month.

What is the best time for a baby photo session?

After the third month when the baby can hold its head upright.

Can we do the shoot in our house?

Yes of course. Keep in mind few things: if we shoot newborns you have to prepare room temperature over 25C, you'll be charged "home studio fee", you'll be charge for travel expenses if you're out of New York.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.

Fully spoiled

  • Applies to Newborn, Baby, Maternity and family photo sessions, including:
  • Studio or your location (best comfort for babies and newborns is in your home)
  • up to 3 hours
  • 10 retouched photos
  • Possession of all photos with "Home use" non commercial print rights
  • Private Online gallery (for six months) with order facility for prints, puzzles, frames & canvases, etc. to choose from
  • Ultra Speedy image delivery/upload - fastest in USA, up to two 2 days after the photo shoot
  • Add-ons

  • $100 - Extra photographer
  • $100 - Extra time per hour
  • $10 - Extra retouched photo

Words of Blessing Cinematic movie

  • up to 3 hours
  • Scripted cinematic coverage
  • One operator
  • Online downloadable files
  • Video add-ons

  • $200 - Extra camera man
  • $100 - Extra time per hour
  • $55 - USB video