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WOW@touch – Beauty retouching services the Peter Lane way

Blemishes, under eye bags, necklines, cottage cheese thighs, stretch marks, and marks on your face or bruises even on your wedding day? The make up artists will do their best but we are still human.
Don’t worry! Just take a look at the picture in “Before & After” below. Voila! It’s all gone!

With more than 10 years retouching experience we have developed techniques to make your photos become from good to perfect. When you see them retouched the first thing you say is WOW.

Our beauty retouching WOW©touch techniques remove blemishes, smoothens away wrinkles, fixes double chin, clears up acne, fixes messy hair, makes a large nose look smaller, lifts breasts, takes out cellulite, straightens a rounded back or shoulders, adjusts hair colour, gives you a tummy tuck, removes red eyes and straightens and whitens teeth, extends eyelashes, enhances your make-up and much more … or shortly said – makes you look perfect from head to toe! Nobody but you will know that the photos have been touched up.

Beauty retouching is one of the most demanding parts of photo manipulation. Everybody knows that the top models are not perfect in real life. The camera captures moments with non-perfect people, allowing the viewer to see the areas of imperfection. The purpose of beauty retouching is this-to remove such imperfections.

Our WOW©touch retouching and digital imaging services include:

• Skin Retouching

• Beauty Retouching

• Fashion Retouching

• Compositing

• Colour Correction

• Special Effects

• Body shaping – Digital liposuction and Digital surgery

• Dream edit

• Individual Black & White

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create your heirloom portrait.

Some of you may require down to earth slight retouching while another – Barbie doll look, your wish is our command. Beauty retouching is an essential part of our photography. Everybody knows that even the top models are not perfect in real life. The camera captures moments with non-perfect people, allowing the viewer to see the areas of imperfection. 

• Price ranges listed bellow are the average for that category and negotiable as every client has different requirements. The final price may be higher or lower than what is listed. • The final price will be provided to you for approval after submission of your photos. • A deposit of 50% will be required on orders totaling over $200

Why retouch is needed?

Why make-up is needed? Manicure, pedicure, lifting, liposuction, plastic surgery ...? The short answer is: beauty and perfection.

Who can use your services?

It doesn't matter for me who your are, an agency, pro photographer or a private client. I work with different clients from all over the world.

How can I send photos for retouching?

Easy! Dropbox, Google drive, or any other convenient service out there. Just be advised, check your upload settings because some services compress the jpgs, or the safest way is to compress all photos and then upload.

How much do your charge for your services?

All prices you can see in the Beauty Retouching page - prices.

Do you retouch amateur photos?

Depends on the file resolution and quality.

What image format do you support?

RAW, TIFF and hi-res JPG. If the image (RAW or TIFF) is not for a big print you can convert it into JPEG with highest quality level.

Do you design wedding and other albums?

Yes we do. Contact us and explain what kind and size album or book you need and we'll send you back prices and suggestions. After approval and receiving 50% deposit we'll start designing. The layouts are sent to print after full payment.

What does - price is per person/object - mean?

Your photo may contain only one person (portrait) or several persons (family portrait etc.) If I need to retouch more than one person, the price will be multiplied by the number of persons on the photo.

What if I don't like the retouched image?

You can see the retouched image (watermarked). If you don't like it please advise what else has to be done.

I want to receive two different images/looks from one photo, how do I do this?

The common rule is "one source - one final image". If you want to use the same photo for different purposes and different looks, you will need to upload your photo twice and place two separate orders.

Payment methods?

Bank transfer, in rare cases Paypal, and cash in advance.

Do you have discounts for return clients and bundle orders?

Sure we do.