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Private and Corporate Events Photography and Videography New York.

Events Videographer for your corporate, party or special event based in New York and available internationally

Special events videographer NY

70th Birthday – The Natural History Museum, New York

Special events videographer New York

60th Birthday

Events videography may vary by style and purpose – documentary, cinematic, educational, testimonial, interviews, timelapse, etc.:

Our team of videographers will capture that moments and deliver according to your wishes, of course matching the highest standards.

You can see a lot of videos in our “Videography” section, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Christenings, Anniversaries, etc. but the videos bellow as an example are dedicated to a high end event organiser, and that kind of videography is a high demand now as the Social Media is hungry for short cinematic videos containing of how-to’s, getting ready’s, time lapse, interviews and live testimonials. With better budget and crafty planning we can make everyone happy, the client with their party memories highlighted together with the organisers and suppliers. Your wish is our command.

Commercial and Corporate videographer New York

Alison Welsh Events – Grosvenor House Hotel, New York

Alison Welsh Events – wedding preps showreel

Private & Corporate Event Photographer & Videographer in New York

If your organization needs photographic or video coverage for meetings, parties, conferences, conventions, business events or other special events in New York and all over USA, there is no need to look further–you’ve found the right event photographer and videographer! Peter Lane Photography will capture your event with the best technology and camera equipment suited for event photography. Without interrupting the flow of your party we will photograph your beautiful venue, decoration, and guests at their best. In addition to photojournalistic coverage, we can also offer on-site portraits of you and your guests. Shooting events is fun for us because it shows to the client who we are and then we often go further in business, corporate or headshot photography, portrait photography, commercial photography or the special events like weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. To see samples of portrait photography work, corporate headshots, and more, just browse around the rest of the portfolio pages.

As you can see Peter Lane specializes in political photography too, having photographed hundreds of private political and celebrity parties, political campaigns in New York, the rest of USA, Moscow and internationally. Organising your party in an embassy, 5 star hotel or a private mansion, Peter Lane is the right event photographer and videography coordinator.

We’ll not only photograph or film your special event, but will help you find or organise for you a fancy venue, castle, private mansion, etc. for your party, Birthday or Anniversary. We can help with proper entertainment, music, artists, magicians, fire professionals, limos, etc.

Do you cover events outside of New York?

Yes. We cover the whole country and abroad. We do however have to add on a charge to cover travel expenses and on rare occasions accommodation costs however we try to keep these costs to a minimum.

Do you film/photograph events only?

No. We film and photograph any kind of special events including Weddings, Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, etc. together with commercial projects, advertisements, social media short films, conferences and corporate events.

Do you give the digital files?

Yes we do! All of them are yours, edited, print ready in hi-res, having "Non Commercial Rights" which means that you can print them wherever you want but can't generate income using them. To do that additional license is needed.

When can we get the images?

We try to deliver up to 2 days after any event and very often same day, because we know how important it is for publication and social media purposes.

Why is so important to book photo & video from one vendor?

Yes it is important because photographers and videographers have experience working together and know each other's style. They will try to complement each other not to compete.

How do we book?

Once you have confirmed you want to book you'll receive an agreement to sign and a bank account to transfer the deposit.

Not answered your question?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to go over any other questions you may have.

**** all other video terms and conditions applied from the video section

To book the day 1/3 of the agreed total amount is required, and the balance due up to 20 days before the event – cash is OK too.

Next is planning. We’ll need detailed schedule of the day minute by minute (including all planned surprises), contacts with event organiser/venue, etc.

Special events album

event videographer NY

If your event has high value to you, an album wil keep the memories alive for sure. We can do an album from any event – Anniversary, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, Wedding, Corporate event, literally any. The album options are practically endless as you can see in our Wedding Albums section, and this one here is just the very top of the iceberg.

The exact album price is formed by the following variables:

– album provider/brand/quality, durability and longevity
– type of paper
– number of pages
– type of cover and cover material
– size

All that put together makes the total so, the best time to discuss it is after the event, because only then we all know how many photos, pages, etc. will be chosen. We can meet after the event and go thru all that options together and choose the best one for you covering the desired budget.

Event photographer near me:

Professional Event photographer New York, Somerset, Surrey, Essex, Chicago, California