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Wedding photography slideshows

Wedding Slideshows and not only, Bar Mitzvah, Christening and any special occasion slideshows are attractive way for you to show off with your amazing photos form your event. At Peter Lane Photography we believe that how you share your photos should be as memorable as the photos themselves. Our simple but highly effective slideshows provoke tears of joy and we’re happy to see people enjoy and share them in their social circles.
Wedding slideshows: Short after the wedding, treat family with a slideshow full of photos from the preps, ceremony, reception, and wedding party. Turn the emotion and beauty of the day back to your home.

How we do it? We chose the best 20-40 photos which is enough to fit a standard song, majority of which around 3-4min. length. We don’t recommend more that 1 song per slideshow and more than 5 min. play. We can recommend music but you’re free to suggest a favourite one too. Keep in mind some song can’t be played by YouTube and other services because of their license type and you won’t be able to share it later on.