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About me? Testimonials? Raves? Feedback? … or simply “From the Heart”?

Few years ago I named this page as most of people do – About me. Later on I was contacted by a web copy writer offering me bulk package testimonials to buy, and I realised that people really do it. Such a shame! So, I decided to put traceable real people here, people like you and me that can be reached in the real life and social media. I love my job and I like to excite my clients, and they are happy to speak about it that’s why I often ask them to film short uncut and unstaged movies – just From the Heart! For the rest of you who like to read reviews, please ask uncle Google – “Peter Lane Photography reviews” – we’re proud to have hundreds of 5 stars, see the bottom of the page (Google shows 20-30 reviews only).
Nice to meet you,

Dan Hilton
Dan Hilton 9Eleven Events
Peter and his team always create such wonderful photographs and memories for our clients. Always reliable, friendly, professional and more importantly deliver photos and videos within a short time frame after the event. Clients always amazed by the shots and footage created.

Andre Chris
Andre Chris Enfield Conservative Association
I’m writing with regards to the excellent photography services provided by Peter Lane, in both a personal and business capacity, over the past five years. 

Peter is reliable, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. He interacts with his clients well, bringing out the best in them and capturing the essence of each moment.

Being President of the Enfield and Southgate Conservative Association, I often hold high profile events and Peter has recorded the proceedings for publicity purposes. He has worked with many high ranking politicians including Boris Johnson MP, Kenneth Clark CH QC MP and more recently, Zac Goldsmith MP, Sajid Javid – Secretary of State for Business, Jeremy Hunt – Secretary of State for Health. 

I would highly recommend Peter’s photography services.

Yours truly, 

Mrs Andre Chris

Errol Perry
Errol Perry Perry’s Weddings
Working with Peter is always a pleasure not only for us, but also for our bride’s & groom’s. He is attentive, always keen to get it right, and delivers fantastic photography. Peter always shows the care that is so important when working as a team, on such a special day.

Jonathan Waterman
Jonathan Waterman award winning wedding and events toastmaster
I have worked Alongside Peter several times in the passed. He is very client service orientated, professional, listens to clients needs, and delivers a superb portfolio…

Keep up the great work…

Nicci Zybutz
Nicci Zybutz Bar Mitzvah mother
When the function is done and dusted all that left are sweet memories that only an experienced professional can capture! PETER LANE, leaves you with the fairy dust!! His photos capture the feeling of the moment, his work is pure art!!

Gideon Mark
Gideon Mark Bar Mitzvah father
We used Peter Lane to photograph our daughters Batmitzvah last August, together with his wife they took fantastic and innovative photos capturing all the best moments and ones that you thought a photographer would never get near to! What we liked as well as his polite manner was that he and his wife always seemed to be in the background but managing to capture everything, in an unobtrusive way.

We have and would be happy to recommend Peter Lane photography to family and friends.

Rose Gray
Rose Gray Bar Mitzvah mom
Peter is truly the most amazing photographer!! Amaaaaaazing pics and pleasure to work with. Highly Highly recommend him!

Alyona Muchinskaya
Alyona Muchinskaya Quintessentially
I met Peter Lane in Moscow in 2008 and was calling him the Russian Testino because of his extraordinary genius for photography and perfect Russian. All clients addressed to him just rave about his talent and warm human personality. I’m pleased to know and recommend Peter.

Helen Andronicou
Helen Andronicou mother of the bride
…I’v just watched the video!!!!! What can i say but you’ve put a huge smile on my face. You’ve made me re live through your photos a truely magical day…. my little girl Andrea’s and Jacob’s wedding day. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL PHOTOS. They will be cherished forever and my album has centre space on the coffee table for all to see!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ……..THE ANDRONICOUS xxxx

Victoria & Christopher
Victoria & Christopher bride & groom
OMG it arrived late last night……. what can I say…… speechless! It is amazing, we can’t stop looking at it. Thank you so much and thank you for our calendar… what an amazing surprise!!!! It is truly breathtaking!!! I just want our wedding day again!!!!! Lots of love Peter!! & thank you again for capturing every single moment of our wedding!!! You are the most talented photographer I have ever met. xxx … Hi Peter

This is absolutely AMAZING, I cried my eyes out when I saw it (the online preview)… it is beautiful!!! I wish I could have the day again. Love, us x

Gulsen bride
… you are the man! Seriously hands down you are! and i’ve been telling EVERYONE this and trying to spread the word for future bookings.

Peter … your art is truly magnificent. I have not met anyone who is as passionate about what they do and you just do it so well. I am sitting here welling with tears because your work has once again moved me SO MUCH …

Gulsen x

Eileen bride
Hi Peter, oh my god!! The photos are sooo beautiful! An amazing day … That I’m scared I missed most of!!! The pictures capture so much! Very emotional to look at actually as far as my father is concerned!! To have pictures like that, of all the children and me and mum with him when he is so ill is absolutely priceless – and you have captured his whole personality. Thank you for that. I have passed on the link to everyone and they all agree that there are many amazing photos! We will be in contact as soon as we get back….. xxxxx

A. M. Idris
A. M. Idris groom

Perfection! Brilliance! Awesome! Epic! Breathtaking!

All these words are appropriate But I can’t create one sentence from all our feelings. We are truly overwhelmed, overjoyed and mesmerised by these wonderful images.

Victoria G.
Victoria G. bride
Peter Lane is the most talented and professional photographer and very good friend! I have a great wedding day and i felt myself like a star, because Peter knows how to make right, relax, friendship and luxury atmosphere! I’m happy to have fantastic photos, album and video for years! I’m sure that everybody should invite high professional photographer for wedding day, it’s very important and very difficult to find such a photographer. Peter Lane is the best and i have recommended him!

Sophia Montana
Sophia Montana bride
Hello Peter,

I hope you are well! I just wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday night, I have looked at the pictures and they are fantastic. The pictures truely present all aspects of the night and everyone have commented on how good the pictures are. There are quite a few so trying to pick which ones I want. … I am sending thank you cards out next week and I am including all details for the website so hopefully I will get lots of people buying the pictures.

Thank you again for all the time you spent taking pictures. Now planning to create an album so lots of memories of the night.

I also work at the “………………….” so I will reccommend you to the events department so if they have weddings they can give clients your details.

Thank you!

Ryan Ricciardi
Ryan Ricciardi Gazelle consulting limited
Peters work is magnificent i have been to events and seen his style of photography work and the pictures. Thus to say i was only ever going to have Peter capture all those moments on my very own wedding day. I am so glad he was our wedding photographer. I still find myself staring at our wedding photos. He is creative,trusting and professional and made my wife and I feel comfortable throughout our whole day. We always trusted his vision and the end result was perfection. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.


Lina Wheeler
Lina Wheeler bride
Hi Peter. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work on Saturday. The photos are stunning, and everyone who has seen them has agreed that you have captured the day perfectly! I’ve just opened the album and I love it!!!! Thank you so much – it’s gorgeous. And I love the cover and the parents albums covers. And the gifts! Thank you!!!!

Skev Koumas
Skev Koumas bride
Peter… Oh my god you are an absolute star!!!!!!!! We love the album, it looks unreal… They all look unreal thank you so so so much!!!!! I can’t stop looking at it, I don’t want to bend the pages, I need to put it in my beautiful box!!!! I am going to take a photo of them and will write a post on your wall to say thank you. Thank you so so much for our freebies too!!!!!! We love them!!! Such a nice thing for you to do xxxxx

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